Indoor Activities

Climbing Clubs – These will resume in September at the earliest

Climbing is becoming an increasingly popular sport for young people as it not only provides a great way of keeping fit, it also teaches teamwork and problem-solving. At such a key age for development, it is clear to see why climbing can be so important for your child’s growth.

Take your children’s climbing to the next level! Our Climbing Clubs are perfect for those with boundless energy and a love of climbing.


Saturday Club Ages 7-17

A structured and fun climbing session. Our friendly instructors will teach the young climbers the fundamentals of tying on and belaying, whilst learning to climb with confidence.

If they choose to, the kids are able to work their way through the NICAS scheme that we offer. This is a great way of teaching young people the skills to keep each other safe on the climbing wall, whilst providing the motivation to work through their NICAS levels. Working on this nationally accredited award scheme can benefit them academically, socially and physically.

£10.00 per session


Wednesday Club Ages 7-17

A fun, social climbing session under the watchful supervision of experienced instructors.

Designed as an after-school club, Wednesday Club is an enjoyable and relaxed way for kids to meet new friends and enjoy climbing, and if they choose to they can work through the NICAS Scheme that we offer. The instructor also provides engaging activities that teach the fundamentals of climbing all the way up to coaching technique to get the kids climbing at their best.

£8.00 per session


National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme

Kong Adventure offers the NICAS Scheme for young climbers who show a passion for climbing. NICAS is a UK-wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and accredit achievement to provide a safe introduction to climbing for young people from ages 7 and upwards.

Running from Level 1 up to Level 5, this is a great way of focusing the climbers and charting their progression as they grow. NICAS log books are a one-off payment of £7.50.


Sunday Club Ages 5-7

A great opportunity to get children into climbing at a young age when they’re fearless and full of energy.

Sundays are a fun-fuelled instructed session in which children will be taught the fundamentals of climbing through a series of entertaining and exciting games and challenges. The children are also taught how to use carabiners to clip in and rudimentary belaying which helps to build the trust and responsibility to keep each other safe.

£9.00 per session



For our most dedicated young climbers. These sessions are aimed at improving the young climber’s abilities and pushing them to achieve structured climbing goals. Once they have the fundamentals and basics of climbing, we look to push their grade and help them become the best climbers they can.

To be invited to this group, the child must first attend one of our climbing clubs and express a keen interest in climbing.