Our final race is ‘Buttermere Sailbeck’ which follows the classic race route. Starting in Buttermere, the route climbs onto Knott Rigg, Ard Crags, drops into Rigg Beck, then visits Causey Pike, Crag Hill and Whiteless Pike before descending back into Buttermere. It is a tough route along 2 fantastic ridge lines with a huge climb up Causey Pike in the middle.

The race is approximately 9 miles and has approximately 4,300 feet of ascent. It is open to anyone over 18.

How does it work?
The race will use an app which you will download to your smartphone. You will then register at Kong Running and you will receive an email which will include a race map and a 4 digit pin code which will enable you to access the race route on your mobile.
You then have 3 weeks to go and complete the race route any time you want. It is open from Monday 24th August until 9pm on Sunday 13th September. Anyone running the race after this time will not be included in the prizes.

What will I get?
When you register at Kong Running, you will automatically be placed on a race entry list. Every entrant is guaranteed a voucher code which can be used from the end of the event until the start of the next one. At the end of the race period, race results will be posted on social media and a leaderboard will be created. There will be overall results plus U23, V40, V50 and V60 categories. Your final prize will be created based on your percentage time of the winner in your category, so the faster you go, the more money you will save!

When does it start?
The race goes live from 8am Monday 24th August and lasts until 9pm Sunday 13th September so you have 23 days to go and post your fastest time.

How accurate is the software?
The software uses GPS technology to allocate checkpoints. You have to be within 6 metres of the checkpoint for it to register that you were there.

What will I need to do to actually run the race?
You will need to download the free race app onto your phone and press ‘go to race start’. Once you are at the race start, your phone will vibrate and ping and then you are off. You can then put your phone away and run the route – it will automatically trace your course. As long as you visit the checkpoints in the correct order, you can take whatever route you want in between – like a real fell race!! Once you are back to the finish, the app will stop your race and give you a time and log you onto the race leaderboard. Simple!

How much will it cost me?
We are asking for £2 – this will cover the race set up fee and admin required. In return you will get a digital race map, course description, route hints, leaderboard and a voucher code for the shop, which you can use online until the next race goes live. Depending on how fast you run, this determines the amount of the voucher.

When will I get the race information?

You will get the race information pack by 8pm on the day that you register for the race. We may limit the number of people that we send the information out to each day as we do not want to encourage large groups of people to visit the same area at the same time. If we have to withhold your race information for a day, we will send you an email to explain this.

Are there any race guidelines?
We are mindful of the need to keep the health of our country in the best shape possible. Bearing this in mind, we ask you to:
• Run round the race individually and not in a group and keep your distance from other people encountered on the course.
• Think carefully about your travel arrangements and minimise social contact.
• Take full FRA kit (waterproof top and bottoms, hat and gloves, compass, map and whistle) and wear suitable fell running footwear
• Tell someone where you are going and let them know when you intend to arrive back.
• Realise that the race is run at your own risk. There are no marshalls on the course and no flags so you will have to navigate your own way round.
• Please take no unnecessary risk. Our health service is already working at maximum capacity and we do not want to put any extra pressure on the medical profession by having to call out Mountain Rescue because you have fallen over or become lost. If you can’t navigate your way round a route on a map, please don’t do the race!



Make sure that you choose the ‘Click and collect’ option when buying your race entry otherwise you will be charged for a delivery charge! You do not need to collect your information – it will be emailed to you!

For those of you interested in having a go at any of our Summer Series races, we have set up a short test route from the shop for you to walk round and test that the system works on your phone. It will take you 5 mins to walk round. The app is called maprun. Once you have registered – go to events list / UK / Keswick / Kong test run and get to our shop and get started!
Once you are outside the shop, click ‘go to start’ and the start is the bench outside of Oxfam shop.

For any further information, please email Lou@kongadventure.com
Happy racing!
From the Kong Running Team.