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The Wild Country Thermic

Part two: The Wild Country Thermic Jacket. RRP £130

Wild country’s recent entry into the clothing market now sees their range expand to incorporate a Primaloft piece. Being a long-standing fan of all things Primaloft, I happened to be unreasonably excited about getting my mits on one of these. Coated in a Pertex classic, the 80g of Primaloft silver looked like a very usable jacket. On paper, it looked set to become my go to jacket for the winter. Yet, sometimes first impressions can be woefully wrong. On this occasion, however, they weren’t.


As soon as I saw it, it impressed me. It’d been a long time since I’d seen a jacket as clean looking, and well finished as this. The “invisible” zips on the pockets, the subtle branding down the seam and soft fabric cuffs all add to a very premium looking product. Despite a clean look, the jacket still boasts a full range of features. There’s a cleverly designed under helmet hood, complete with adjustment. On the interior of the chest pocket there is a mesh pouch, perfect for a mobile phone or GPS device.  Inside, there are two big mesh dump pockets which are specifically designed to put climbing shoes in to warm them up on the walk in. The whole thing’s just outstandingly well thought out.

As with anything though, in order to gain a true appreciation of its value, it needed a good testing. The Lake district in autumn is probably one of the harsher proving grounds for this type of jacket. I’ve got battered by storm wind, stayed warm. I got caught in a few biblical rain showers, stayed insulated and relatively dry. Bashed up a few snowy gullies, kept me toastie. Wore it on a few all-day bike rides, never felt the cold. Even on treacherous journeys to the deep dark depths of the pub, it performed admirably.


I honestly can’t find a bad thing to say, the jacket has been everything I expected, and more beyond. If you’re looking for a functional Primaloft piece this winter to be your go-to, every time you go out the door, look no further. The Wild Country Thermic is a solid choice for you!