Manor Adventure

Manor Adventure contacted us to fit out a new centre in 2015 with a Climbing and Bouldering wall, Cave system and Ropes Course, starting in 2016 the Climbing walls and Caving systems where installed, with the high ropes following later in the year.

Climbing and Bouldering Wall 

Total Climbable Area m²: 230

11 Top Rope/Lead Lines

Safety Surface: Rubber Tile, 300mm Dual Density Foam Matting 

Style: Stone Coated Ply, Stone Coated GRP

Use: Activity Centre


Caving system

110m² of Caving system

5  Themed Chambers including Briefing Chamber,

Features: Caving paintings, Fossils, Stalactites and Stalagmites, boulder field, Crystals

Challenges: Ball Sump, Vertical Press, Scramble chambers, Squeezes

Emergency escape tunnel runs along side for easy escape at any point


High Ropes and Challenge course

28 Element Rope course

14 Challenges at ground level

14 High Ropes Elements

Continuous Belay system From Koala Equipment

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