Roped Climbing Wall

Behind the KONG Adventure Shop lies our dedicated climbing centre. Packed full of challenges for all abilities, the climbing wall has enough to keep even the most seasoned climber coming back for more!

Roped Climbing WallMain Wall and Archway

Our Main Wall has something for everyone. Slabs of varying gradients allow you to perfect those delicate moves, whilst introducing you to short over-hanging walls and building up to the steep over-hanging archway.

Routes in this area start at Grade 5a with a focus on our smaller climbers, up to Grade 6c+ for more technical climbing.

The Corridor and Tower

Our steep 10-metre corridor tests your skills and stamina by getting your arms pumping and creating unique challenges to test your strength. Double stepped overhangs take you through the roof to really enhance those climbing skills!

Then step through into our very own Tower. Standing at 12 metres high with varying degrees of overhangs, the tower lives up to its name; it towers over you!

Routes in this area are set at Grade 5b up to 8a+ with the majority of lines set for leading, but still plenty of top ropes.

Roped Climbing Wall


Here at Kong Adventure, we have a number of Auto-Belays for you to use so you can climb if you don’t have a partner or if you’re going solo. These are distributed between our main wall, corridor and archway, meaning you’ve got the opportunity to climb on plenty of walls.

Auto-Belays are mechanical devices that allow you to climb without anyone belaying. The self-regulated backup braking system means you can climb up and be lowered off with minimal risk, so you’ve got no excuse not to climb!

Our climbing wall features four TruBlue Auto-Belays. These are placed at various heights and gradients and allow you to access a wide range of routes within the Auto-Belay’s parameters. Unlike the Krazy Kong, these Auto-Belays are designed for adults, so the walls may be much more demanding for young children.


Want something more suited to the young ones? Then check out our Krazy Kong! We have 11 Krazy Auto-Belays for your kids to climb on until their heart’s content. These allow your kids to experience the heights of the climbing wall even if they have no previous climbing experience, all while scaling our unique themed walls; it’s a perfect day out!

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