Krazy Kong

If you are looking for a fun way to get involved in climbing then look no further, Krazy Kong has officially landed! Krazy Kong consists of a range of whacky and interactive climbing walls, each with a different theme guaranteed to be loads of fun for all!

Kong Adventure- Krazy KongBefore you know it you could be climbing a beanstalk, having a race up our speed wall, or taking a journey into space.
Krazy Kong does not require you to have any previous climbing experience as we have auto belay systems in place for each wall.

During a session one of our friendly instructors will simply clip the climber in, the device supports the climber to the top after which they will be gently lowered to the ground.

• Suitable for all ages from 5+.
• No previous climbing experience is required.
• Over 10 different fun and exciting climbing challenges to attempt.
• Fully automated safety systems. Just clip in and climb up!


£18pp 1Hr On-Peak

£12.50pp Off-Peak


017687 75907