Indoor Ice Wall

Climbing real ice without the horrid winter weather is an experience few get to have, but here at KONG Adventure we will get you climbing like a pro in perfect conditions, we even supply all the equipment you’ll need. Feel the burn as you work your way up a wall of real ice!

How it works

After packing the wall with soft ice, we fluctuate the temperature to create the perfect ice conditions. The climber then uses strategically placed ice axes and crampons to work their way to the top of the wall using precision and strength.

Instructed Sessions

No previous climbing experience is required to have a go at ice climbing. Our dedicated, experienced instructors will teach you the basic skills to get you off the ground, such as fitting your first pair of crampons and placing your first ice axe. Soon you’ll be well on your way to scaling the dizzying heights of our ice wall!

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Experienced Ice Climbers

If you regularly ice climb but fancy some pre-season training or just to get out of the weather then you can come and use our indoor ice wall!

After a free induction with one of our instructors, we check your axes and crampons are sharp, adzes are removed, and leashes and eye protection are used, you will be signed off to use our Ice Wall unsupervised.

If you have forgotten any of your equipment or don’t have what you need, we hire out full winter equipment from ice axes to warm clothing. Check out our Kit Rental Prices for more information.

Mixed Climbing and Dry Tooling

Within our Ice Wall we also have two mixed climbing lines, where axes and crampons are used to balance your way up the wall. Unlike ice climbing where you smash your way up, dry tooling and mixed climbing requires you to delicately place your axes and crampons and use stability and body tension to work your way up the wall. A true test of climbing skill!

Kong Adventure is also home to a stage of the British Tooling Series, where some of the strongest climbers in the country fight to come out on top. Anyone is welcome to come and try out Dry Tooling during these competitions.

Taste of Ice Climbing Sessions

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