Climbing Clubs

Take it up to the next level with our Climbing Clubs, great for those kids with boundless energy, what to progress through the grades and love climbing!

These clubs are structured sessions, for fun climbs and taster sessions see Indoor Climbing and Kids Climbing.

KONG’s Kids – Ages 7 – 17

Saturday Mornings: 10am – 12pm

A structured and fun climbing session for all abilities. The Saturday club will follow our own Award scheme with the main emphasis on getting the kids into the sport and the basic skills of tying-on, belaying and using the wall confidently.

There will also be opportunities for the club to go outside climbing and once they have shown a certain degree of motivation and have completed the first Award in our scheme, they may be invited to join one of our Academy clubs detailed below.

£9pp per lesson

KONG’s Kids Junior – Ages 5 – 7

Sunday Mornings: 10am – 11am

A fun filled instructed session giving the kids a great foundation to work from, with an emphasis on learn through play, kids will get to climb and learn the fundamentals of climbing in a safe and controlled environment.

£8pp per lesson

After School Club – Ages 7 – 17

Wednesday Evenings: 4:30pm-6:00pm

This club is a chance for young climbers to hang out and have fun climbing under the supervision of our friendly instructors. Unlike the other clubs, there is no structure to the session, young climbers can get use to using the centre socially safely while under supervision.

If they attend one of our other clubs and would like to work on their award scheme, then our instructors will be able incorporate this in to the session.

£6pp per lesson

KONG’s Academy

KONG’s Academy is for the most dedicated young climbers. These sessions are structured and focus on pushing the young climbers to improve, with a heavy emphasis on coaching. To be invited to this club the climbers must have attended KONG’s Kids and shown a keen interest in improving their climbing ability.

Younger climbers who attend this club will also have the opportunity to compete in regional and national competitions as part of KONG Adventure’s Junior Team.

Not sure which club would be the right one? Contact us and a member our team will be happy to help!