Bouldering and Training

Bouldering has become increasing popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why, short technical problems all at a low level without the need for technical equipment.

Bouldering Wall

Tucked away in the corner of the KONG Adventure Centre you will find our bouldering room filled with slabs, overhangs, steep angled walls, the fin and even a cave to climb through. Graded between V0- to V8+ there are problems to keep even the strongest of boulderers coming back for more.

We regularly host local and national bouldering competitions throughout the year and have guest route setters, New to bouldering? then check out our coaching sessions to get the most of this facility. Alternatively try our roped climbing wall!

Training Wall

Above the bouldering room you will find our small but fully equipped training room, an excellent way for you to get fitter and stronger. We have steep angled wall, system board and the barrel wall to train on as well as gym rings, TRX system, Push up bars, balance ball, foam roller and finger boards.

To help you get started we even provided with some sample work outs for the TRX, Fingerboards and system boards

Training room is for 18+ only, proper warm up required to avoid injury. See our Indoor Climbing Terms and Conditions for more details.

All the finger boards are also available to buy in our shop.



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