Bouldering and Moon Board

Bouldering Room

Within the KONG Adventure Centre, you will find our dedicated bouldering room. Complete with overhangs, steep walls, training board, and even a bouldering cave, there’s enough to test even the strongest of climbers.

Our team of expert setters create unique problems from V1 up to V9+ meaning there is something for climbers of all shapes and sizes!

We are also home to local and national bouldering competitions throughout the year featuring a range of problems suiting beginners up to advanced competitors.

If you are just getting off the ground with your bouldering then check out our Coaching Sessions to make the most of your training.

Moon Board

The MoonBoard is a standardised 40-degree bouldering training wall, designed by Ben Moon for climbers wishing to optimise their climbing performance in the simplest of environments. Plotted against a grid of lettered and numbered coordinates, each unique MoonBoard hold is rotated and set in a specific location.

Combined with the Bluetooth-powered LED kit and the free MoonBoard app for iOS and Android, climbers can easily find, illuminate, create, and share problems with fellow MoonBoard users, no matter what their location.

With thousands of MoonBoards available to climb around the world, the MoonBoard has become one of the most sought-after training systems for home users and commercial climbing gyms alike, now at Kong Adventure!

We also have plenty of fingerboards to train on, these are all available to buy in our shop


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